Contacting Melbourne IT (General Enquiry, Complaints and Feedback, Privacy and Domain Name Abuse)

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Contacting Melbourne IT (General Enquiry, Complaints and Feedback, Privacy and Domain Name Abuse)

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If you have not found the answers you need by searching the knowledge base and community forums, or if your query is account specific and not appropriate to discuss in a public environment, you can contact us using the following methods for General or Initial Enquiry, Complaints and Feedback Management and Abuse of a domain name.



General or Initial Enquiry Contact Information:


Customer Service Teams are available through a number of contact types below:


Community Forum: Click HERE to head to the Community Page


Email us directly: Click HERE to Email Us


Australian Callers: Contact us on 1300 654 677


International Callers: Contact us on +61 3 8624 2300


Mailing Address:  Melbourne IT, Level 3, 469 La Trobe Street Melbourne, Australia, 3000


Please note that some enquiries may be related to a reseller partner of Melbourne IT.  If this is the case for your request, please be advised we will direct you to the reseller party for management in first contact cases.

Phone and Email support only have 24/7 availability.




Complaints Management and Feedback Process:


In some cases you may need further escalation to resolve an issue or provide feedback on an experience that has provided less than expected service levels or a positive service experience.


Our customer service teams are trained to escalate cases to their leadership teams at the time of the call or arrange a call back within the current or next business day.  Which option customers receive is dependent on the date and time of call and availability of the leadership teams.


If your feedback has been raised to the immediate leadership teams and you have still had either no response or a response that you feel has been inadequate to resolve your needs you can email our Complaints/Feedback Management Team HERE


We will endeavour to make contact with you within 48 business hours of sending and resolution times for an outcome can take up to 5 business days. 


The team will provide an outcome in all cases and we do enjoy receiving positive experience feedback as much as assisting poor experiences to a resolution.




Privacy Complaints and Enquiries:


For information regarding our privacy policy please visit our website HERE


If you believe that Melbourne IT may hold personal information about you which is inaccurate, or you wish to change or update any of the personal information you have provided, or for any other concerns or enquiries regarding Privacy please contact us by emailing our Privacy Officer HERE




Report Domain Name Abuse:


All domain names registered with or using Melbourne IT’s services must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy. If you wish to report a domain name that you believe is infringing our policies, please contact our Abuse Team by clicking: HERE


To ensure your complaint is properly evaluated and tracked through our system, please be sure to clearly state the domain name in the body of your complaint.


Our Abuse Team evaluates all complaints in the order they are received. Our staff independently verify all complaints and may suspend or cancel domain names should the complaint be deemed valid.


Please note that if one of our reseller partners sponsor the domain name you are reporting, your complaint may be escalated to them for further processing.





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