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I have got a domain and my web designer is not responding and he has brought my web site down as well. I don't know where my web was hosted. I have searched on web for whois on my domain and it says dylanduffy-network and when I have whois that it says sponsor is Melbourne IT. So am i right to assume that my domain is hosted at Melbourne IT? If yes then I can go further with the accounts team and discuss. If not, would anyone be able to help me in finding out how should I find where my website is hosted. I am in urgent need of help as my business is getting really affected.


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Hi Muz,


Without knowing the domain name in question, it's difficult to say.


When you look at a whois entry, the 2 really important parts with a case like yours are the registrar and the nameservers. If the domain is registered through Melbourne IT or their resellers, you will see this reflected in the registrar section.


To see where it is hosted (ie where your data is stored), you need to look at the nameservers. The nameservers Melbourne It uses for hosting are:


And for dns management:


and for web redirection:


So, if you see any of these showing up in the whois, it's a good bet that your designer has hosted the domain with Melbourne IT. If not, you would need to contact the company who owns the servers - if ity shows servers like, you would contact company X.


Does that help at all?

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